The music of Agape has become one of the church’s highlights.  The Celebration Choir and Orchestra lead each week in songs of praise and worship.  We use a variety of musical styles, blended together in worship to our Lord Jesus Christ.  Here at Agape we enjoy the old and the new songs – both traditional and contemporary.  We love the old hymns of the church as well as the wonderful new “praise songs” that are sweeping the world in popularity.  We are at home with southern gospel and equally enjoy at home with the many current songs of adoration to the Lord.  In all our music we understand, it’s not about us, it’s all about Him.

Celebration Choir
The Celebration Choir is open to adults and youth.  Our regular rehearsal time is Wednesday from 7:30-8:30.  We sing in each Sunday morning service.

Celebration Orchestra
Our instrumental group is composed of a rhythm section, keyboards and wind instruments.  This group is open to 8th grade and older by audition.

Solos and Ensembles
We encourage the development of individual talents by solos and occasional small groups and ensembles.  These rehearsal times are flexible in schedule.

For question concerning Agape’s music ministry, contact Bro Randy Sharpe at



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